Our “Graceful Leaving” Policy Makes the News!

August 24, 2015 | Kendra Mayer | Behind the Scenes | No Comments

Our main goal at Jellyvision is to make delightful, confusion-curing products, but sometimes one of our employees has a different dream. There are times when a beloved Jellyfriend decides to pursue an MBA, a different industry, or just go live in a place where the temperature stays above zero in the winter. Recently, Crain’s Chicago… Keep reading

A Dynamic Duo: We’re Partnering with Castlight!

August 24, 2015 | Jenny Fukumoto | Behind the Scenes, Tech | No Comments

  Peanut butter and jelly. Netflix and wine. And now: Jellyvision and Castlight Health. That’s right. Jellyvision and Castlight Health, a San Francisco–based company at the forefront of creating more transparency for health care consumers, have partnered to help employees make better benefits and health care spending decisions than ever before. Specifically, Castlight’s health care… Keep reading

We Came, We Saw, We ALEX Con-quered

July 22, 2015 | Jenny Fukumoto | Behind the Scenes, Damn Good Communication | No Comments


Recently, we had the distinct pleasure of hanging out with 45 ALEX customers at our annual ALEXCon, the best employee communication conference on the planet. Over the course of two days, we and our customer guests talked shop over benefits-themed cocktails, laughed till our sides hurt during an inspired improv show, and—most importantly—picked up a boatload… Keep reading

Jellyvision Wins Big at the 2015 Moxie Awards!

June 12, 2015 | Mark Rader | Behind the Scenes | No Comments


We’re delighted to announce that Jellyvision won top honors in every category it was nominated for at the 2015 Built in Chicago Moxie Awards! Built In Chicago, a tech community, holds the Moxie Awards to recognize Chicago’s most innovative digital companies across 16 categories. The awards are voted on by a panel of judges and the general public,… Keep reading

How to Get a Job in Tech

May 27, 2015 | Melanie Chapman | Tech | No Comments

how to find a job in tech

As one of the leaders of the Chicago tech and startup communities, our CEO, Amanda Lannert, gets asked a lot of questions about running a company, finding great talent, and dealing with rapid-fire growth. But by far, one of the most frequently asked questions she gets is, “How do I get a job in tech?” Here’s… Keep reading

UX in the Wild

December 22, 2014 | Melanie Chapman | Damn Good Communication | No Comments

Clothes hooks at Road Runners Sports

User experience (or UX, as the acronym-philes like to say) is an essential consideration when designing software, websites, and other Internetty things. But UX is just as important in the real world. For example, here’s some great real world UX: Our founder Harry spotted these clothes hooks at the Road Runner Sports by our office…. Keep reading

Always Read the Fine Print

December 12, 2014 | Melanie Chapman | Damn Good Communication | No Comments

Typical fine print

Because sometimes it’s entertaining as hell. Eat24, a food delivery service, has revolutionized the practice of fine print. Every week, Eat24 sends out an email with a coupon code, which comes with a few disclaimers. Here’s how most companies handle that kind of fine print: Confusing terms, walls of text, boring, nitpicky details. Eat24 has… Keep reading